Too Good To Go: Eating Cheap and Reducing Food Waste

The logo for the app Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is the app providing you with cheap meals near you whilst fighting food waste.

I can’t tell you how much the principle of this app appeals to me. The issue of food waste is absolutely disgusting, and to think that people spend a disproportionate amount eating out and fueling this culture makes me feel physically sick at times. It’s the worst combination of wasteful and entirely without reason or logic.

So Too Good To Go’s modus operandi is simple. You download the app, tell it what town you live in, and it links you up with establishments in your area that package up food that would otherwise go to waste in a neat bag, and sell it to you at a massively reduced price. Restaurants and pubs on the app include big chains (YO! Sushi, Toby Carvery and Greene King to name but a few) and independents alike, so it seems simple enough for establishments to get involved with.

You go to the establishment mentioned at a specific time, usually after lunch or dinner service, and pick up your bag of goodies in exchange for a small fee (usually a few quid).

I have registered where I live, which is a little further out of towns than some, and I still get regular things popping up to go and potentially fetch.

The user interface is really nice and easy to use. It even includes reviews of the food received. YO! Sushi really stands out as a great example of this being used really well.

Its simple, I love anything that reduces waste and saves you money, so this gets a full blown thumbs up from me.

I would love as always to hear your experiences with the app though, or anything else like it.

Too Good To Go is available from your chosen app store.

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