Field Agent: Slow out of the blocks

This is my first app review on this blog. I intend to do more of these as I continue to discover and try various apps linked to frugality, money saving and anything else that interests me really.

Field Agent falls firmly into the bucket of additional income earning. In simple terms, you download the app, sign up, let it see where you are, and the idea is that it sends you tasks to complete in return for real money, which can be paid out my direct deposit to a bank account. These tasks can range from completing surveys to mystery shopper type activities in restaurants or shops.

Get used to seeing this

I have heard of people having success with these type of jobs in the past, and was excited to see if this gig economy approach would work.

I tested the app for approximately 2 months. In that time, it sent me push notifications to my phone with tasks 3 times ever. Two of these were going into shops near me (Boots and Tesco) and taking photos of displays or item pricing. All 3 times the tasks were sent when I was at work, and had a time limit, which meant I never got to try one.

Now I can accept I live a little further away from a conurbation than most, so with a little work I’ve tricked the app into thinking I live in a local city. I haven’t had much more in the way of tasks sent to me since I did this.

In terms of the app itself, it could use a little more polish in terms of the user interface, but it mostly does the job.

Overall, my impression is that Field Agent have launched this app in an attempt to increase their number of app users so that they can sell this to their prospective customers. As such, it is a bit early out of the blocks for my taste.

I would wait a little longer until it or something similar gathers significant pace, or even download the app, sign up and forget about it. I wouldn’t hold out hope for any jobs on it though.

Field Agent is currently available from your chosen app store

I’m also interested to hear if any readers have used similar apps or services, and what their experiences have been like.

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