BeMyEye: My favourite money making app so far

So in case you haven’t picked up on this from my twitter or instagram, my partner and I have had our second baby. He is absolutely beautiful and everyone is doing really nicely.

Having two kids has definitely impacted my ability to write though. Not only is there another little milk guzzler around, but our first child inevitably wants our attention every second we aren’t concentrating on the baby. Add to that the night crying of both of them, and writing is further down the priority list than it was a few weeks ago.

However, one thing bottle feeding and cuddling a little one has allowed me to do is get a little more time trying out some money making apps whilst I wait for him to settle down on me or as he sips the milk down.

A number of pieces will follow this one covering all of the other apps and platforms I have been trying out, but in the interest of time, I wanted to share the one I have had the best experience with so far.

Like FieldAgent, which I reviewed a number of weeks ago and didn’t have the best experience with, BeMyEye is a similar crowd-source market research and mystery shopping app. It allows the user to sign up to the simple app and complete tasks, mostly in shops, in exchange for cash. These range from signing up for a lottery product through to checking for yoghurts on a supermarket shelf, often taking photos and answering questions.

screenshot of home screen from bemyeye app
The home page of the app. Nice and simple.

I’ve used the app now for a little over 3 weeks, and unlike FieldAgent, with this one I have been presented with tasks I could complete locally to me from day one and throughout. And unlike other apps, tasks aren’t always specific to one shop. I have been into a number of flower shops gathering data and taking photos, and have been to count and take photos of yoghurts in a local supermarket. These tasks can pay anything between £2 and £10 seemingly dependent on how much of your time is being requested. I did one £7 task which was meant to take 20 minutes, and did. This represents a pretty decent rate of approximately £20/hour, so the pay is good too. How much you can make on the app is limited only by how many tasks you can get yourself to geographically, but there is no shortage of stuff to do here.

The user interface is really nice. Straightforward and simple enough to understand at every point throughout use. I certainly found it more user friendly than other apps of this type. Everything relating to a task must be done in the app however (such as taking photos or video) which can be a bit annoying, but it all works as intended.

It also has a really nice levelling system. I wouldn’t normally go for stuff like this, but it works pretty well in the context, providing benefits like exclusive missions, early access and more regular withdrawals when you perform more tasks and gather experience.

Review times seem to be pretty fast too, within 24 hours in my experience, and very reasonable in their assessment of your work, despite some of the other more negative reviews I have seen out there. Perhaps they have made improvements in this area.

The real icing on the cake for me though was when I went to do my first withdrawal to PayPal, and it was instantaneous. I use all sorts of apps similar to this and they normally come with some kind of “pending withdrawal” for a number of days before letting you get to your cash. Nothing of the sort here. The money was in my PayPal in the time it took me to open the PayPal app. Perfect!

I am really impressed with BeMyEye so far, and will continue to update this post as my experience with it continues, but suffice to say, this is a big thumbs up from me, and if you have any spare time to do little tasks in local shops, this is the app I would recommend right now.

If you do feel like subscribing, be sure to use my referral link here for an extra £1 bonus on your first task!

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