Credit Card Review: The Tandem Cashback Credit Card

If you have read my other posts about cashback and credit cards you will know I am a fan of putting ALL of my purchases through a cashback credit card. It is a really simple passive way to earn money whilst doing the things you would normally do. The only effort required is to apply for them, and then to pay them off in full every month (debt is not frugal).

I always like to have one American Express card for the superior cashback rate, and one non-AMEX card for the wider acceptance on the go at once. The Tandem Cashback Credit Card is my current personal non-AMEX cashback credit card of choice.

It is a Mastercard offering 0.5% cashback on all purchases with no annual fee. This may sound meager at first glance, but this is by far the highest paying non-AMEX cashback card in the UK right now. There are others out there with specific cashback offers relating to certain brands or types of transaction that might stretch a little further, but this is the best all rounder by far. Imagine you spend £400 a month on your food shopping. This would equate to £24 of cashback for doing absolutely nothing. Now imagine what you could manage if you put everything through this card!

credit cards in different colours
Some of the colours of Tandem card available

The cards themselves are decent quality (there are lots of cheap feeling cards popping up lately) that come in some really great colours. I went for the cool blue-green one!

An example of the app clearly showing where transactions were made

The card comes with a mobile app that shows you all of your transactions and clearly shows where you spent, which is normally pretty hard information to get hold of. It also gives you little notifications for standout things, like when your spending on something repetitive goes up or if you get a refund. The app also includes an auto-saving utility that you can apply to the credit card (rounds up your transactions to the nearest whole pound and saves these pennies) but you have to sign up for a separate Tandem savings account to use this. You can even connect the app to your regular bank account if you so desire.

I have been using the card for the last 6 months, and I am quite happy with it so far. The card API is quite nice in that transactions are visible on the card pretty much instantly, which I have never experienced before in a card that isn’t an AMEX.

My only criticism would be that paying your bill monthly isn’t that straightforward yet. The only option currently seems to be to pay by bank transfer every month. This is pretty annoying, especially if you are a fan of just setting up a direct debit to pay in full every month. It would be nice to be able to pay through the app too just for simplicity.

One other thing to consider, which doesn’t bother me much but might rule the card out for others, is that since Tandem are relatively new they don’t have open banking yet. In practice this means that the card won’t work with your apps that aggregate and analyse your transactions like Yolt or Money Dashboard.

The sign up process takes as little as five minutes online. Annoyingly, I haven’t been able to find an eligibility checker for this card, so be sure you have a decent credit rating before you apply.

On balance, most of the gripes are really minor things, and otherwise my experience with the card has so far been very good and I would absolutely recommend it.

If you are interested in applying for the Tandem Cashback Credit Card, then why not use this link for a cheeky £10 Amazon gift card whilst you are at it!

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