About Frugal Dad

My name is Kyle and I am writing this blog because I feel there is a shortage of practical frugality and money saving advice with a UK perspective that is well written, funny, and from a male perspective. That is not to say that anyone can’t enjoy my posts, I sincerely hope that I can provide some insight for anyone.

I am a 31 year old man, living and working in Yorkshire with my partner and our two children. We have a 2 year old girl and a brand new baby boy. I work 37 hours a week as a middle manager in a local manufacturing company on a modest income (around £40k annually).

My pursuit of frugality has been going on for almost 10 years, since I left University. It has had its ups and downs, and I don’t claim to be the most frugal or free of criticism I could be. In fact I would suggest I have made some choices that are outright NOT frugal. Despite this, I want to share my journey and the lessons I have learned from all my experiences.

My approach to frugality is not in line with the increasing number of FIRE proponents (financial independence retire early). Whilst its intent makes sense, and its methods logical, my approach to frugality is more balanced.

I believe in being frugal and money saving to make the most of the money you do have, securing your future for you and your family, to secure you against variation and risk in your life, and to use your money where you REALLY want to.

I will be sharing all sorts of content in my approach to this, as most of my life carries some implication or consideration of frugality. These will include stories (hopefully that will make you smile or laugh), app reviews, tips and tricks, guides, walkthroughs and considered opinion pieces. If you haven’t already worked this out you can use the menu on the right of the blog to navigate the various categories.

So with that, I hope you enjoy my blog.

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