Getting Started

So my first post….

I’ll start with a little about me. I’m a 32 year old man from Berkshire who moved to Yorkshire for work, met the girl on his dreams and then started a family. Both my partner and I earn a modest income, but still struggle to manage the finances of a growing family.

I have struggled to find content relating to money saving in a family setting, especially focused on the UK, and so here I am to share my journey with you, in the hope that you might learn from some of my discoveries.

I won’t be using acronyms like FIRE or advocating extreme measures in my pursuit of frugality. I believe there is a middle ground where you can have the things you need and still have room in your finances for some of the things you want.

I just want to share experiences, tips, insights and recommendations from my journey.

I have never been amazing at writing (dropped English at GCSEs) so you may all have to forgive my poor grammar as I go!